Leading with Equity

How authentic leadership can help your organisation go for gold

Derek Redmond

Join one of the world's most famous Athletes, Derek Redmond for this 1 day unique workshop on Wednesday 13th September in Staffordshire

This completely unique CPD workshop has been specially designed to help leadership champions, like you, to differentiate your business and brand through your people.

The combined experience of former gold medal-winning Olympic athlete and business performance coach, Derek Redmond, and horse-led experiential learning and self-awareness expert Julia Jones (with her incredible team and horses) is guaranteed to deliver the most powerful learning experience of the year for any leader.

“The journey from good to gold is all in the mental and psychological preparation. For me, four years of preparation, for my entire team, boiled down to a 44 second race. Our common and unanimous goal to win gold.”

You will recognise that a leader with equity is a Diversity, Equality & Inclusion champion that doesn’t need to fall back on policies.

You will tap into how to engage individual and team performance through being authentically you.

You will become aware of your non-verbal impact via equine learning, and how you can improve results through people.

Authentic leadership and psychological safety

Only authentic leadership can cultivate an environment where staff feel safe to take risks, share their ideas, and collaborate effectively. This concept is known as psychological safety – the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up, taking risks, or making mistakes. This leads to increased innovation, creativity, and productivity within the organisation.

Leaders must possess a profound understanding of what it means to be authentic and receptive to the success and feedback of their teams. Authentic leadership involves being genuine, transparent, and self-aware, while also building trust and fostering meaningful connections with team members.

This workshop introduces horse-led facilitation to help leaders explore the impact of their non-verbal communication, strengths and strategies to improve their awareness of psychological safety and develop authentic leadership skills.

Workshop Agenda

Welcome Briefing – Prompt start at 9.00am

Part 1  High engagement promotes and develops high performance

Derek will engage you with his experiences of creating world class performance. You will find out why it takes four years to get to gold and how it would never have happened without his three ‘R’s of psychological safety.

Part 2  Lessons in leadership, managing conflict, nailing clear communication to achieve a successful outcome

Julia and her equine team will guide you through impactful learning so that you too start to recognise what needs to be done to raise your personal bar of success.

Lunch like an ‘Apprentice’ (no Alan Sugar, we promise!)

Part 3 Leading with Equity

We will explore the six core components necessary to   create high performance. You will be putting  these lessons into practice and   recording  your take-aways to put straight into practice back in the workplace.


Close at 5pm

Why was this workshop developed?

Derek and Julia met nearly a decade ago and have worked together on numerous assignments and programmes. Together, they form a formidable partnership and they have developed this workshop to offer an outstanding learning experience for any leader of people.

Julia said: “We are both excited about the powerful learning that we will be delivering, particularly because of the horses. There is nothing like this in the UK.”

Horse-led workshops are an extremely effective and engaging way to assess communication and leadership skills. Horses have profound levels of awareness, meaning they can understand situations and emotions deeply. They are also attentive to body language, voice, and non-verbal cues. Their intuitive way of responding opens up an opportunity to deepen levels od awareness and impact. Your growing edge will be uncovered for you.

Derek had his first visit to meet the horses in 2023. Julia said: “I knew that initially Derek would be politely sceptical and it was a super-exciting prospect to witness what possibilities he would discover about himself.”

After the experience, Derek said: “When I thought I was under pressure to complete an activity, I tried to force my agenda to get the job done. In this case it was ‘telling’ 750kg of horse to follow me. 

I quickly learned that it wasn’t getting me the best result by a long stretch. I had to completely change my approach!

“I discovered that by working with her, being more conscious and aware of my actions got me a better response. This is something I need to be more mindful of on a day-to-day basis in my own business.”

Learners can expect energy, storytelling, great learning, experiential discovery, fun and feedback.

horse shoe group

What you will experience from learning with us

Throughout this workshop we will explore various strategies and techniques to enhance psychological safety and develop authentic leadership skills. Derek’s experiences being part of high performing teams for over 3 decades will provide insights into what is needed to win big. We will take those lessons to the fields and work together, with the horses, to plug you into how to unleash your potential.

Our delegates always report feeling present and engaged from the moment they arrive. Even the most reserved people develop confidence to embrace something new through sensory and embodied learning in a fantastic outdoor setting. The shifts in self-awareness experienced by our delegates are simply not possible in a classroom, plus, what could be better than learning with a splash of Vitamin D?

By the end of this workshop, you will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of psychological safety, but also learn practical tools and approaches to become an authentic leader who nurtures team success.

“The key to learning about others is to learn about yourself first.”

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£395 + VAT

Join us on this transformative journey as we unlock the power of psychological safety and develop your authentic leadership skills. Get ready to empower your teams, foster a culture of trust and innovation, and drive success in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

“No one person will win the race. It takes a team of experts that are all committed to a common goal, no matter what.”

About Derek

Derek Redmond is one of the world’s best 400m sprinters of his generation. In a career that was plagued with many injuries he still managed to win gold medals at British, Commonwealth, European and world level and competed in two Olympic Games.

He is now recognised as one of the most engaging motivational and inspirational speakers in the world today. His easy-to-understand philosophy of how to achieve the very best from an individual’s talents has turned underachievers into winners and winners into leaders.

President Obama said of Derek: “Derek Redmond bravely making it through with little help, moments of euphoria after years of hard work. Moments when the human spirit triumphs over injury that should have been impossible to overcome.”

About Julia

Julia Jones is a global expert in self-awareness to improve workplace performance and engagement.

For nearly two decades Julia has worked with leaders and teams across the world, helping them to discover the keys to their personal motivation and how to unlock success.

Altezza People UK was established in 2021 because Julia predicted that in a world becoming more digital in its outputs, there would be a need to become more human and authentic. She has always been just ahead of the trend in terms of predictions and Altezza People UK is no exception.

Bringing horses into the learning arena to support humans is a privilege and honour. Our equine partners have supported humans with their therapeutic qualities for decades. 

Have a question?

Altezza People UK Limited, Staffordshire. Find us here. Outdoor time is split between the stables, the barn and the fields. The day is action packed with activities and we will be on the move. We will lay on a transfer from Stafford train station, and there is also disabled parking.

You dont have to have any horse experience. It would be a really good idea to work out what your learning outcomes would like to be. This will be done on a discovery call before we agree a date. 

On the day we will be prepared to deal with whatever shows up for the team and your expectations will be managed along the way. Our facilitators have excellent knowledge and experience. The horses will certainly guide your experiential learning as individuals and as a collective. This is rarely completely achieved in a classroom.

Sturdy covered footwear such as walking boots. Please do not wear canvas shoes or sandals.

Suncream, hat, long sleeves are advisable to cover your arms. A coat (check the forecast).

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