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We look forward to talking to you about your learning needs and requirements. You will find us knowledgeable and always make sure that we can deliver what we agree. When we understand your goals, we will write a proposal, agree your session plan and discuss your personalised workshop experience.

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Reserve your Workshop

Check our availability and reserve a date for your team. We will speak to you to understand your learning needs and how you would like your experience to play out. If you can’t find your perfect date, call anyway, we will work with you to make it happen! 

Arrange a 1-2-1 Site Visit

Seeing is believing, well actually getting hand-on and understanding the learning we offer is really important. We welcome visitors to view our learning environment, discuss training requirements, answer questions and experience horse-led activities. It helps to overcome any reservations you may have and allows us to discuss the finer detail of your workshop.

woman with horse
woman with horse

Attend a Free Taster Event

The best way to experience the quality of the learning we offer is to attend an event! You will be able to immerse yourself in the learning with other like-minded visitors. We are happy for you to book on for your own CPD or if you are thinking of bringing a team to us.

Book a Personal Learning Experience (121)

Sometimes personal development sits outside of our work life. We now open every other Saturday afternoon exclusively for people who want to experience 121 personal coaching with horses. The sessions are typically 90 to 120 minutes and cost £185. (Discounts are available for a programme of more than two sessions.)

woman with horse

The Top 7 Skills That You Need to Succeed in Business

This event will help you with money management, abundance, understanding your accounts, budgeting, sales, financial planning and more!

Psychometrics in Learning

We love them, understand them and know how to expertly use their content for learning and development projects.

“Level A&B trained, I worked at Thomas International for over 17 years and headed up Global Training and Education as my last role there. Best practice of report use and a high quality learner experience still stay at the top of my mind in any project that we deliver at Altezza People,” says Julia Jones.

Most businesses really waste money on assessments if they are just used in recruitment and not applied to learning.

When you learn with us, we want you to bring your assessments with you. We will make them come alive so that you can understand and apply the content. 

If you would like to include psychometrics but don’t know where to start, we can advise you whether you will need them which will give you the best information and how to access them on a discovery call.

We can administer and create reports, provide feedback and develop learning around the data for our client when they learn with us.

Here are our current suppliers, chosen because of relevance to the learning we deliver:

Our new partnership with and the talented team at . 

To underpin deeper levels of self-awareness, we feel that looking in detail at traits and de-railers that we can access with Sova Assessments (learn here really support the work that we deliver at Altezza.

“Offering people access to a report that identifies their potential de-railers really helps us to focus and develop learning around growing edges for our learners,” says Julia Jones.

We are also proud resellers of Assessment from Thomas International. Find more information here:

The assessments that support our learning best:

The work style Behaviour Assessment  (DISC Theory)

Trait Emotional Intelligence Assessment via Thomas International (

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