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I would like to invite you to explore how we deliver a highly impactful learning experience for your people and teams.

There are several ways to to book some time with us.

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My team and I work with CPO's, CLO's and Talent Leads to deliver Soft Competency and Self-Awareness Workshops that are both science-based and experiential.



Credentials, quality and experience will undoubtedly be important to you when selecting a learning partner.

Our skills and reputation allow us to offer a completely unique learning experience:

  1. We write bespoke workshop content built upon your learning goals
  2. Psychometrics help us to capture the essence of your people and behaviours within the learning experience
  3. We deepen the self-awareness lessons with the support of our team of 7 horses


Over 20 years delivery of high-impact workshops and programmes globally using applied psychometrics

Over 15 years experience in nurturing high-performing teams and creating positive cultural change

Benefit from a self-awareness profiling tool unlike any other - we combine soft skills development with the super-power of horses

Coaching with Georgie
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We think being your Learning Partner is a big deal!

Soft Skills are essential for all employees. High levels of social and emotional intelligence differentiate your brand and are key to delivering your overall business strategy.

Your internal policies, for example D&I, Equality and Human Rights (to name a few) underpin  your position in relation to protecting your people. But they do not train your people how to develop the the skills and knowledge to live by them. Nor do they validate the culture that you are trying to create.

People are a big deal to us! We would like to help you to equip your people to grow in self-awareness and enable them to navigate the complexities of human interactions for the greater good of the business.

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Altezza People delivers Workshops for businesses that are underpinned with science and delivered in nature.

Why Workshops?

Getting teams together in one place can be challenging so it must be cost effective and have substance. Learning together, in person, creates an amazing opportunity to improve communication and productivity.

Why Psychometrics?

Psychometrics can create a common language and discern between team strengths. Each person gets to learn about themselves individually and their part in a wider collective.

Why horses?

Horses have an innate ability to show up traits within us that we may be oblivious to. This challenges our thinking, our behaviours and bias so that we can learn, develop and grow in real time.

Imagine your people discovering more about their blind spots, growing edge and potential. Then imagine being able to correct the things you want to change, in the present moment, without judgement or fear.

A Discovery call will help you to build your truly bespoke and unique learning experience in 5 steps

  1. Training needs analysis
  2. Discuss memorable teambuilding activities to finish the day
  3. we will send you a proposal document
  4. Agree your delivery schedule
  5. Plan the review and feedback process

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