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A warm welcome awaits you at Altezza HQ…

 Our workshops run all year round so just ‘layer-up’ and get your boots on! 

Learning takes place in our pastures, or in one of our three Arena’s, one of which is indoors!

Meet the Equine Team!

Now, THIS is a dream team!

We would like to introduce you to our beautiful team. These are the experts in non-verbal communication and feedback. As you will see, we embrace diversity in our herd and we don’t just mean colours and size. We have different breeds, ages and all have different wellbeing requirements. We look forward to telling you all about them when you visit.

Onsite we have

Extensive car parking

Plumbed-in toilet facilities

Café offering hot food & snacks


Georgie-Girl stands 1.75m to her shoulder.

Her breeding is part Irish Draught, part Warmblood.

The Herd tend to keep her away from the food initially because she eats so much!

She hopes to teach you about the importance of connection, to read non-verbal cues and to be clear in what you are asking for.


This is Nimrod and he stands at 1.72cm to the shoulder.

He is a Dutch Warmblood and is our youngest horse.

He takes control of the Herd when there is food about – he is still growing and wants to get in first!

Like all youngsters, he has lots still to learn. That said, he hopes to remind you about boundaries and that your instructions should be explicit and well communicated.


Meet 9 year old Joel. He is 1.55 metres to his shoulder and his breeding is Welsh Cob.

He is a stabilising force in the Herd and offers a sense of calm. Think of him as the quiet, sensitive type.

He is no push-over and will not be bossed around. He may well ask you to modify your communication style before he will engage with you.


Alfie is our only pony, he is just over 1.3 metres to the shoulder, that means you can wrap your arms round his neck and give him a hug!

He is 13 year old Welsh Cob who loves company and being with people.

Alfie is a kind teacher and is an expert in soft skills and comfort zones –  he will support you to learn in your own time, at your own pace.


Benny joined us at the end of the winter because he needed a very special family.

Unlike most other donkeys he was not content being told he had to be a donkey.

Benny likes horses and that is absolutely fine by us! Our visitors are warmly greeted with brays and he quickly works out who needs a cuddle and who needs to be advised to chill out. 


She may be Nellie’s daughter but she’s no kid! Rosie is 12 years old and also measures just above knee height.

Rosie is very inquisitive and friendly but has very clear boundaries.

She would fit into the ‘psychometric category’ of High Compliance / Cool Blue / introvert. As such, she has very clear comfort zones so don’t take it personally if you get the cold shoulder. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!


Meet our beautiful matriarch, Ella. She is 23 years young and is a subject matter expert in body language and non-verbal communication. She is a Dutch Warmblood with fantastic bloodlines.

For most of her life she has dished out life lessons to her foals, making her expressive and easier to read than some of the others in the Herd.

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