Supporting the legal profession with life-long learning... with horses!

Learning with horses is a game-changer.

Horses are sensitive to our emotions and behaviours, providing us with honest and immediate feedback in real-time.

Teams need to step-up a gear when operating as a team with horses, this includes them becoming aware of their non-verbal cues and body language.

Activities include leading, communicating and problem solving. Teams get to refine their capabilities in a way that they will remember and put into practice back to work.

Explore the breathtaking outdoors as an ideal landscape for your Team's Learning Event.

Altezza People UK specialise in helping leaders to improve their results.

We find that most leaders want to be able to step back from the day-to-day operating so that they can focus on strategy and growth.

We offer three products to support teams to ‘step up’, take accountability and deliver better results.

1. In a day you can experience an immersive workshop with horses designed to build trust and accountability within the team. Each member of the team will engage in activities that foster self-awareness, improve communication and enhance mutual trust.

2. Over 3 months we will build a bespoke range of services including workshops with horses, coaching, team building activities to embed lasting behavioural change. This time period allows us to form new habits and make sure they are sustained within the team.

3. In just 12 months our intensive development journey is aimed at maturing your team to achieve permanent behavioural change. We provide continuous training, horses, mentoring and real-world application to create cohesive, accountable and high performing teams.


You will recognise that a leader with equity is a Diversity, Equality & Inclusion champion .

You will tap into how to engage individual and team performance authentically.

You will become aware of your non-verbal with the horses so that you can improve communication with people.

About Julia

For nearly two decades Julia has worked with leaders and teams from professional services firms, helping them to discover the keys to their personal and team performance.

Altezza People UK was established in 2021 because Julia predicted that in a world becoming more digital in its outputs, there would be a need to become more human and authentic. She has always been just ahead of the trend in terms of predictions and Altezza People UK is no exception.

Bringing horses into the learning arena to support humans is a privilege and honour. Our equine partners have supported humans with their therapeutic qualities for decades. 

"Julia and her team were brilliant from start to finish. It is a very different experience but very powerful for the whole team that we were with. We ran a leadership development event and combining the theory with the real experience of interacting with horses, added a dimension that took the whole day to a memorable and impactful level."

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