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Horse-led experiential learning

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Horse-led experiential learning for corporates, teams and individuals.

Have you ever thought about a day out of the office to recharge the team?

Many experiences, such as an escape room, night on the town, a meeting at a swanky venue, build a raft and jump out of a tree all deliver a memory for you. But I would like to challenge how you measure any change because of them. They are loved by some, hated by some and you can never get the balance right!

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Horse-led facilitation allows you time away to connect in the present moment. Past events are usually left at the gate along with the mobile phones as we explore what make you great at what you do and what next level performance might look like.

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You will be surprised how relaxed the environment is and how punchy the lessons are. This is because you are not learning a theory and having to work out how it fits into your personal world. You will become aware of strengths and blockers and become aware of how you can align yourselves, head, heart, and gut.

Trust and boundaries are paramount in any team – you will read about it, but you will rarely move to a space where you can understand it and come together intuitively in a noticeably short space of time.

We have theory-based content creating a sound structure to your learning, but the approach allows you to experience it rather than having to read theory or sit in front of PowerPoint.
So where do the horses fit in? Well, you and they may work together as a team for a while. You may receive supportive or challenging feedback as we work through the day.

Horses are sentient beings who share emotions with humans, they just do not have to talk – this is where we get lost! They also work with what they are presented with, this means they hold no grudges from the past and have no care for what may or may not transpire in the future. This allows us to work in real-time. You will observe non-verbal feedback based upon how you show up and it allows you to challenge your decision making, check in with your self-awareness and problem solve your choices.

The results you leave with will transform you. This is no gimmick; we have been delivering this support for decades across the globe and we are glad that you have finally found us!

How I work

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Let's get going!

First I assess what you need, organise the dates & capture learner information.

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Personal welcome packs are sent to learners and returned.

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The fun starts

Safety briefing and learning commences at your own pace!

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We review learning outcomes and agree next steps.

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Interested in equine learning and coaching with horses? Let me know the best day/time to reach you and we’ll have a chat about your project or event.

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Hi there, this is a very real and valid concern. In almost every group people will be excited or apprehensive, some people will have experience of horses and some will feel really out of their comfort zone. My advice would be come anyway, have a great day with your team and dont worry about being out of your comfort zone. Let us know in advance and we will look after your wellbeing throughout your stay. No one is put under any pressure and everyone is treated equally. The learning will be just as rich, whether you get up close or participate from a distance.

You dont have to have any horse experience. It would be a really good idea to work out what your learning outcomes would like to be. This will be done on a discovery call before we agree a date. 

On the day we will be prepared to deal with whatever shows up for the team and your expectations will be managed along the way. Our facilitators have excellent knowledge and experience. The horses will certainly guide your experiential learning as individuals and as a collective. This is rarely completely achieved in a classroom.

I am so biased that I can’t answer you! 

What I would say is this; you will remember a good day out when you built the raft. You will remember who fell in and who won the race, but how did you use that to improve your teams challenges? 

Classroom learning tends to be in a familiar environment, can be over theoretical but at least you have a manual to refer back to if you get stuck or miss something.

We will reach your learning goals through personal and team experiential learning. This engages your thoughts, emotions, your blockers, your strengths and your hidden qualities in an environment where facilitation allows you to solve your own challenges. This is totally unique. Add to this a day away from the office, testing your comfort zones a tad and being in the great outdoors with nature is good for the heart, mind and soul.

So I can actually answer you afterall. It is not as good, it will be far better.

Be creative and consider where you need to build, strengthen existing relationships or make new ones.

Come as a team, include within your OD programmes under the section of ‘self-awareness’, leadership, performance improvement, negotiating, influencing, being more assertive, authenticity… the list goes on.

Bring your clients, it will be great for business.

L&D and HR teams will love this as a reward.

Sales teams will get to test their emotional intelligence

Training outcomes should be tangible so that you can measure the effectiveness of your investment. We would love to learn about you and your business so that we can help you to reach your goals. You have an opportunity to ask questions and be satisfied that this matches your requirements and we understand what good looks like for you.

We will agree your day and provide you with everything that you need to brief your people. This includes a safety briefing and making sure that everyone is familiar with the environment before you arrive on site. That’s it – we will keep you safe, comfortable and happy throughout your visit!

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