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Coaching with Georgie
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How it all began – my personal experience

Although sceptical, I invested in equine facilitated coaching 8 years ago. My love of horses made me inquisitive. What followed changed my understanding of the term ‘self-awareness.’ My first lesson was delivered up for a beautiful mare who was quietly standing behind me at my shoulder, allowing me to fuss her gently over the stable door.

I was asked the following question “Are you a good leader?”

My response: “Yes I think so, although I have a current challenge in my team.” I was quickly distracted by the horse behind me as she rapidly retreated to the back of the stable with such speed that I was left startled.

“Why did she do that?” I asked. The response: “Would you go in there with her?” I was shocked at that question and answered it with “Are you kidding me?”

So, what had happened? The horse had reacted the instant my energy changed as I thought about my challenge. My energy was certainly ‘fight mode.’ Her response was ‘flight mode.’ I was very quickly able to understand that I was creating the challenge and needed to change my approach.

Lessons flowed as I started to realise the impact my nonverbal communication was having on the horses.

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My final lesson. Imagine a beautiful day, an open field with five horses grazing. Our coaching conversation continued within the proximity of the herd, and as I focused on the questions I was being asked, they seemed happy enough and I was a little surprised that they had not approached us.

The question came “Julia, I am just wondering, who do you ask for support when you need it?”

I asked for this question to be repeated because it just did not make sense! Was I just asked if I was weak and had to get help? The question was repeated. I stood silently trying to consider what support was, why I needed it and who I would turn to for it. I did not have an answer, so I stood silently, and looked to the horses for something, I had no clue what.  The horses were stood in a circle around us  about twenty metres away and every single one them had their backsides facing inwards! We were all completely stunned but the emotion was overwhelming for me. I felt completely alone and wanting to reach out to them. 

One of the horses turned and came to me allowing me to hug her until I understood what was going on. I asked for help non-verbally and it was given.

To this day, horses remind me to be authentic and that its OK to be me. I am good enough and I am much more capable than the little voice in my head tell me I am. Just a couple of my stories; you will soon have your own too!

My experiences led me down a path which allowed me to buy my own horse – not even on the bucket list folks! 

My brand is inspired my horse and daughter, the colours were selected by my youngest son. My oldest daughter has always inspired me to be the best version of me that I can be. I am one lucky and proud woman!

About Altezza People UK

My business is called Altezza People. Altezza is Italian for ‘height’ ‘summit’ ‘peak’ ‘highness.’ I aspire to create a space where learners  can explore how to be the best version of themselves. That is does not mean ‘to the top,’ that is never authentic for the majority.

I work with a diverse range of business types including tech, law, distribution, HR, and pharma. The one thing they have in common is passion to develop their strategy through people and this aligns perfectly with my values.

Bottom line growth can be achieved by great individual and team performance. I am 100% convinced that my business acumen, success to date and, not forgetting my herd, will help all of our learners to be better placed for whatever the global climate throws our way this year, next year and in the years to come.

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