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We work with Leaders seeking sustainable growth delivered by highly effective teams.

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People, not technology are your most valuable asset. Without highly engaged and enabled teams, your business may lack creativity, innovation, problem solving and decision making capabilities.

If you currently find yourself managing people rather than leading the strategy, we can help.

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Coaching with Georgie
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A trusted adviser on people performance.

Throughout my 30-year career I have been at the top of sales leader boards, managed high-performing sales and training teams and had the pleasure of creating ‘best-in-class’ development programmes for some of the world’s most prestigious brands and Universities. 

Today, at Altezza People UK, we are proud to deliver:

  • 1 and 2 day immersive  workshops  for team that need to focus on trust and relationships
  • 6 month programmes to embed new habits and best practice
  • 12 month programmes aimed at maturing teams to achieve permanent behavioural change.

Everything we offer includes horse-led learning experiences because they are a powerful, game-changing development experience.  Everyone is equal and all play an active part in the learning.  You do not have to do anything too physical or have any equine experience.

Why work with us to develop your people?

You are likely to be underwhelmed by the thought of investing in traditional classroom / E-Learning because you do not believe the results will create the change you are seeking. Further, you may have found yourself on this website because you are looking for your own solutions because you need to take decisive action yourself. IF, that is, you can find something that feels like the right fit for the business.

Can you relate to any of these statements?

1. You spend time on issues that prevent you from developing the strategic direction for the business within working hours?

2. You feel like all decision making is deferred to you. You have the right people but decisions take too long unless you are involved.

3. Tough conversations are difficult to have because trusting relationships are harder to form with remote workers.

We are experts in turning these issues around promptly and harmoniously. Our clients depend on us to build and develop teams that will yield results. Teams love our methods of learning and engagement because we are novel, futuristic and human in our approach.

“Julia offers honest, personalised advice, always keeping the best interests of yourself as an individual and the wider organisation in mind. She’s always there to support and encourage you, and works with you to ensure you reach your goals. She’ll help you see that anything is possible, and her positive mindset rubs off on anyone she works with.

I would 100% recommend Julia. A true mentor, leader and friend rolled into one, Julia will be an asset to any organisation that she works alongside.”


Authentic and relatable

We deliver powerful and immersive workshops and programmes that deliver sustainable behavioural change.

Experienced in psychometrics

I have 20 years of experience integrating psychometrics within workshops, programmes and for 1-2-1 coaching.

Learning that is remembered and applied

We embrace learning science within our activities and practices to maximise our brains ability to remember and apply our learning.

Equine Accredited practitioner

I am an Accredited Equine Facilitated Learning Practitioner, awarded by the Human-Equine Relational Development Institute® This means that everything that we do is ethical for humans and horse alike

What some of my clients have to say 

Bringing Horse-led learning to life through topical business challenges

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